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Model: t869spcv
This powerful, unfiltered tobacco flavor is formulated for those who dare to revel in the taste of a pure, bona fide tobacco experience. A premium e-liquid, free of all the complex nuances, Torque 56 Tobacco delivers a monster throat hit unlike any other.Brand: HaloUnit: 30ml/bottleBase: 70%PG+30%VG..
Ex Tax:$17.99
Model: 6633ptag
This premium tobacco flavor delivers a subtle dry sweetness with the perfect hint of cocoa on the exhale. The complex nuances of this woodsy tobacco flavor are masterfully crafted and aged to perfection.Brand: HaloUnit: 30ml/bottleBase: 50%PG+50%VGStrength: 35mg/50mgPackaging: Childproof Plastic bot..
Ex Tax:$17.99
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