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Model: fmpgg03z
Kiwi Az e-liquids - made right here in Aotearoa!Made with nic salts for a super smooth vape.Flavor List:Kiwi Az - CHURRVG70 / 30PG - 100ml - Straight up APPLES, baked in a PIE - Churr farr wicked!Kiwi Az - KUZZIEVG70 / 30PG - 100ml - What! A BANANA and TOFFEE PIE vape!Up to Kuzzie - gotta try some o..
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Model: vfh1r29k
VAPEJUICE e-liquids (HIGH VG)High VG e-liquids are designed to make massive, tasty cloudsThe VAPEJUICE e-liquid range is made for use in sub ohm devices. To avoid dry burning please ensure your e-cigarette rig is capable of wicking a thick e-liquid.Flavor List:Chillberry Vapejuice E-liquidVG70 / 30P..
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Model: 2o5d2ohf
Mount Baker Vapor e-liquidsWe use only the finest quality ingredients in all Mount Baker Vapor signature flavours. In our determination to amaze your senses with each and every one of our unique flavours, we have one philosophy… Flavour is everything!NICOTINE LEVEL GUIDE (MID/HIGH VG)0mg - Nicotine ..
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Model: 7xyqrqrk
NZVAPOR SPECIALISE IN NICOTINE E-LIQUID - DESIGNED FOR SMOKERS, BY (EX)SMOKERSThe NZVAPOR branded range is a premium blended e-liquid range which offers the full, complex flavours of real cigarettes, fruits and sweets, or other flavours you might have chosen, and our VAPEJUICE range caters to the hi..
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Model: dof03bdh
60ml NZVAPOR Salt-Nic Pod Juice E-liquid- VG50/50PG - Made with nic salts for a smooth delivery of high nicotine e-liquid flavours.Flavor List:Arctic Ice Salted E-LiquidArctic Ice salted e-liquid gives an intense fresh hit with each vape.For those seeking a more concentrated menthol effect! Made wit..
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